Jan 09

Sorting by Name in Exported Reports

By Darian Shimy / Jan 09 2018

FutureFund allows administrators to export many reports to a CSV (Excel) file for processing outside of the FutureFund Admin. In most cases, the user’s name was included with the first and last name concatenated. This caused problems when one tried to sort the reports by last name for example. We’ve updated the system to break up the first and last name in the exported reports. The following reports were updated:

  • All Volunteer Export
  • Failed Installment Report
  • Installment Detail Report
  • On Page Report
  • Registration Check Report
  • Transaction Detail Report
  • Volunteer Export
  • Export Campaign Purchases
  • Export Form Non-responses
  • Export Orders

The following reports already had the name separated:

  • Employer Detail Report
  • Export Parents
  • Export Students

If you have any questions, please contact our support team!