Mar 06

Searching for elusive orders

By / Mar 06 2018

As you continue to get new orders, finding orders can become a challenge. By default, orders are sorted in the order they are placed. This makes it easy to find recent orders. However, sometimes you need to find an order placed a few months ago from a parent who may not remember their order number. Enter search!

Orders can quickly be found using the search box on the orders page (Admin > Orders). A question some people had was, “What is supported in the search?” For orders, the following is supported for searching:

Search Term Type Example
Order Number Exact 1001
Parent Name Fuzzy John
John Smith
Purchaser Name Fuzzy John
John Smith
Email Fuzzy
Stripe Transaction Reference Exact ch_928FtrsvWXlH07
Last Four of Credit Card Exact 4242


  • Name and email are fuzzy (wildcard) searches, entering ‘John’ will also return ‘Johny’ but not ‘Jon’
  • All searches are case-insensitive (uppercase and lowercase are treated the same)