You have a lot to manage, so we make it easy. FutureFund’s single portable keeps everything running smoothly all in one place.

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Our full suite of features makes everything easier to manage.

Boring But Important

The Boring Important Stuff

We help you manage it all, no matter how small.

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Directory & Communication

Seamlessly share and find contact information.

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Detailed Permission System

Manage user access for enhanced security.

Donation Management

Donation Management

Oversee and organize your fundraising campaigns.

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Robust Reporting

Find detailed reports for just about everything.

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Payment & Payout Automation

Easily track payments and reconcile accounts.

Value Props

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No Wasted Time

Efficient Management

We get it; you’re busy, so we maximize your time.

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No Manual Work

Automated Processes

Get rid of those spreadsheets and hand-written notes.

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No Disorganization

Everything Has a Place

We thought of everything your school needs to run smoothly.

Transform Your Fundraising & Everything Inbetween

Managing your day-to-day really can be that easy. Our range of carefully selected features gives every parent, volunteer, PTO member, and administrator the tools they need.

Inventory Management

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