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Helping Schools Fundraise More Than $100 Million Since 2014

“FutureFund has been a game changer for our school. We love it because it keeps track of all of the purchases for fundraisers and field trips and it eliminates the need to handle cash and checks.”

Sue Bucceri
Board Clerk Salisbury Central School

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Finally, a complete PTA fundraising toolkit, made for you.

Imagine an online toolkit, accessible from any device, that not only powered your fundraising efforts, but empowered them?

Using FutureFund, you can create an online portal for your fundraiser, organize fundraisers into teams and groups, and keep everything organized.

All from a single easy-to-use interface that was built with what we learned supporting teachers, PTA volunteers, and parents since 2014.

How to Run a Read-a-Thon With FutureFund

Ready to start your read-a-thon fundraiser? Here are the next steps:


Follow the prompts in FutureFund to configure your Thon


Invite volunteers and fundraisers to FutureFund


Create your read-a-thon rules and get started!

Need help? Check out our read-a-thon fundraiser how-to.

Let’s Get Your Read-a-Thon Started

With our help, your read-a-thon is sure to be a real page-turner!

Six Ways FutureFund Supercharges Your PTA

Team Management

Organize volunteers, keep everyone organized, and make it easy to collaborate

Built-In Payment Processing

Easily accept secure online payments, including all major credit cards

Analytics & Reporting

From donation payout analytics to volunteer management and insights

Built for PTAs & Schools

FutureFund was founded in 2016, working alongside PTAs and parent volunteers

Payment & Payout Automation

Track donations, organize payments, and easily reconcile your accounts (your bookkeeper will be thrilled)

Organized & Easy to Use

Volunteers, parents, and faculty can all use FutureFund (without taking a course to learn how)

From fundraising to complete PTA management.

FutureFund is ready to help you rock your 2023 fundraising goals, but that’s just the start where FutureFund helps. 

Use FutureFund to:

Track and organize fundraiser donations

Keep your books clean and simple to reconcile

Manage student registration and year-over-year progression

Support individual fundraisers and motivate fundraising teams

And much more!