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Manage your books, kickstart fundraising campaigns, and easily communicate with administrators, parents, students, and volunteers.

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Parents and volunteers love FutureFund.

Designed with the help and feedback of educators and PTAs, FutureFund is intuitive and easy to learn.

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Launch fundraisers faster & raise more.

Launch a new fundraiser in under five minutes, and use our online payment processing and management tools to stay organized.

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Communicate and collaborate better.

Integrated communications tools, automated student grade progression, and simple accounting makes it easy to communicate with parents and stakeholders.

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A single interface that handles it all.

Manage volunteers, organize your books, and report to stakeholders – all from a single tool.

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FutureFund makes running a PTA simple.
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We help you with everything, including the boring stuff. From getting volunteers to preventing commingling of funds, FutureFund is the best way to fundraise.

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Pre-Built Campaigns

Easily collect money for almost anything.

Donation Management

Online Donations

Allow donors to contribute anytime, anywhere.

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Online Store

Take your product sales online.

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Automated reporting for every feature.

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Reduce your reconciliation time by 80%.

Processing Payment

Tax Receipts

Automatically create tax receipts.

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Commingling of Funds

Prevent commingling with dedicated funds.

Corporate Matching

Corporate Matching

Automatically encourage eligible matches.

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Duplicate Sessions

Recreate settings every school year.

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Simplify How You Collaborate & Communicate 

Easy to Use Directories, Contact Lists, & Communication Tools

Create directories and contact lists and use FutureFund’s built-in email tools to communicate. 

Robust Reporting & Permissions

Pull reports, organize fundraising accounting, and keep your team focused. Volunteers love FutureFund because it works with them on the boring (but important) admin stuff.

Boring But Important

Manage Your PTA
& Stay Organized

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One Place for Everything You Need

Frustrated with multiple spreadsheets, lists, and clunky software? FutureFund has everything built-in so everything works natively together.

Financial Accounting & Transparency

FutureFund keeps the books clean, empowering PTA volunteers to focus on fundraising instead of fighting with accounting software and tax receipts.

Support When

You Need It

Our team responds quickly to incoming support requests, and our rich documentation covers all aspects of FutureFund.

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