24 Funny Fundraising Ideas For Schools

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Traveling Toilet

For this event, find a toilet and clean it up as much as you can. Then paint it and put it in someone’s front yard with a note attached. It can say something like this: “You’ve been blessed by the traveling toilet! If you want us to remove it, contact us at (your number here) and we’ll relocate it for a $20 donation. We can relocate it to a friends yard for $30. We can remove it for good for $50. We can also remove it at no cost to you. Just give us a call and we’ll come pick it up.”

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girl saying shhh

Penny War

All you’ll need for this event are some empty gallon jugs, similar to the ones that are used in water coolers. You can get one per class or one per grade. Each jug is competing against all of the other ones. A penny war is pretty straight forward: each penny that you add to your own jug adds 1 positive point to your class total while every silver coin that you add to your competition’s jugs subtract from the overall total based on the value of the coin. Whoever has the most positive points will win a class prize and all of the money collected goes to the PTA!

Tape The Principal To The Wall

Charge the students per strip of tape to tape the Principal to the wall. Be sure to get a picture of them afterwards for the school paper or the year book!

Soccer Prom

Hire a photographer to catch your friends rocking the soccer field in prom dresses and cleats! Accept a flat fee and make sure theres plenty of mud and fun to be had.

Doggy Kissing Booth

If you know any particularly kissy pups, hold a kissing booth for them where $1 will get you 1 sloppy puppy kiss.

cute puppy


MORP=PROM backwards. Sell tickets to spend time with friends doing the exact opposite that you would normally do for prom. Do you normally wear a fancy dress and spend a bunch of money on hair and make up? Wear sweats and throw that hair in a messy bun. Normally eat at a fancy restaurant? Mcdonalds baby! Normally dance the night away? This part is optional. For the actual event, utilize a space like the gym but depending on what your seniors want, you can either play pump up music or music that inspires a calm mood instead.


Pick a popular person from your school or community and set them up in a makeshift jail in a high traffic area and post signs requesting money for their bail. All the money raised goes to the PTA/club and everyone gets a kick out of seeing their favorite person behind bars. 

Wine Toss

Set up a bunch of wine bottles of varying price points then sell the opportunity to toss rings to try to make it on a bottle of wine. If the patron is able to make it on the bottle, they’re able to take the bottle home with them.

wine bottles

Punch O Rama

Cut a bunch of grapefruit sized holes in a few pieces of poster board and attach a piece of tissue paper to the back of the poster board. Then, add either a prize or a slip of paper notating the prize in a cup and attach it to the back of the tissue paper with the mouth of the cup facing the back of the posterboard. Then charge a flat fee for patrons to PUNCH a hole through the tissue paper to claim their prize.

Gift Baskets

This event is pretty customizable, as you can make up the baskets for any occasion. Our personal favorite is doing craft beer and cheap beer baskets next to one another for people to bid on but get as silly as you want with the contents and theme of each basket.

“P” Party

Throw a party with everything that starts with the letter P. People can only wear colors that start with the letter P, eat food that starts with the letter P, play games with the letter P, etc. And feel free to use any letter of the alphabet if P doesn’t work for your community.

pink balloons

Flock the Yard

All you’ll need for this event are some flamingos (get them on amazon or from Walmart if they have them) and some flamingo wranglers (a group of volunteers). Once you have everything collected, your bird wranglers can place the flock in an area that’s easy for the family to see with a note either dropped off at their door or placed on the flock somewhere. The note should read something like:

“Congrats you’ve been FLOCKED! We can persuade the birds to move on for a $10 donation, but for a $15 donation you can tell the birds where to FLOCK to next! Our bird wranglers can be reached at (insert phone number here). Passing is an option as well! Just give us a call at that number and we’ll come shoo the birds away for free.”

Patrons can even purchase Flamingo Insurance for $10, which prevents their yard from being selected as a landing place for the birds. Some schools do “sneaky flocking”, where the wranglers try to sneak the birds onto the yard without the family noticing until the note is delivered. Feel free to get silly with it! 

Funny Photo Contest

This contest can just be selfies or your club can put together an event with a photobooth. Either way, the photo that people pick as the funniest one wins and gets a prize!

Stand Up Comedy Night

Have a few of your community’s comedians take the stage during a comedy show! You can also give your young new talent a chance by only having high school and middle school students showcasing their best material. Either way, collect an entry fee from the audience for them to watch the show.

crowd with their cands up

Crazy Clothes Day

Collect a flat fee from the students to wear crazy clothes or wear their clothes in a funny way! Backwards, upside down, inside out, or a completely silly outfit are welcome!

Crazy Hair Day

Collect a flat fee from the students to wear their hair in silly ways! 

Frozen Hair

For this event, you’ll need a cold day and a hot tub. Have everyone that wants to participate register and pay a registration fee. Then let them dunk their heads under water and arrange their hair in silly styles before it freezes into place. Make sure to have a photographer on standby to snag the photos so the judges can pick the winner!

ice in water

Dunk Tank

Sign a prominent figure up to take the seat on the dunk tank at your next big event!

Crab Race

Accept a flat fee to participate and challenge your students to a crab walking race!

Lady Free Fashion Show

Grab some of your favorite dudes and put on a fashion show with all womens attire. Charge a flat fee to watch the show and let the laughs roll in.

Cow Patty Squares

For this silly event, you’ll need a cow, a pasture, and a piece of poster board. Break the field down into equal squares and cut the posterboard down to look the same as the field. Take bets on where the cow will drop his “patty” and whoever guesses right wins half of the earnings from the activity!

cow in field

Comedy Roast

Pick a popular person in the community and have the comedians of the community come up and roast them. Charge your audience a flat fee to come watch the show!

Donate Or Dare

Write some wacky actions on a notecard and approach patrons to pull a card and read it. Once they read it, let them know that they can either donate a certain dollar amount or do the dare on the card!

Missile Practice

Talk to a popular person in your school or community and ask them to be a walking water balloon target for a few hours during the event. Then sell full water balloons to kids!

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