30 Creative Names for Your School Fundraiser

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If you’re having a tough time coming up with names for your fundraiser, read on! From puns to clever names, we’ve got you covered at Future Fund!

Coffee Hut or Coffee Clinic

If you’re hosting a Pop-Up Coffee Shop, you could consider naming it “The Coffee Hut” to evoke some lighthearted fun. Alternatively, since coffee is so vital to so many people, consider a name like “Coffee Clinic.” Keep it catchy and you’ll have them coming back for more!

coffee cup on a fall morning

Sip and Drip

For a Wine and Paint Night, a creative name could be “Sip and Drip.” Let your guests luxuriate while sipping amazing wine and creating beautiful paintings with their drippy paints! 

A table with various painting supplies

Ooh Spa Spa

A Pop-Up Spa would be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for many! Capitalize on the pun of “Ooh La La” for a decadent feel and call it “Ooh Spa Spa.” A memorable and silly name, it’ll have your guests enjoying themselves.

aroma candle burning

Art From Scratch

Hosting an Art Contest is a great way to build community, inspire folks, and let artists shine! Using a name like “Art From Scratch” is a great way to emphasize the creative aspect of art while also evoking the senses. 

woman painting

In The Pic of Time

For a Photo Contest, a cute and fun name could be “In The Pic of Time” as a pun on the phrase “In The Nick of Time.” This name shows that you’re holding a contest for pictures while also evoking a sense of mindfulness and specialty. 

That’s Poetry Awesome

Another contest that would be great for your community is a Poetry Contest, including spoken-word pieces. You could use a pun to title it “That’s Poetry Awesome” after the common phrase “That’s Pretty Awesome.” After all, it is pretty awesome indeed. 

man reading book

Between a Rock and a Hard Base

Sports competitions are another way to get people hyped and interested. If hosting a competitive baseball game event, you could consider a pun on the phrase “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” by changing it to “Between a Rock and a Hard Base.” 

sliding to first base

Splash Mob

For the event where you’re hosting a dunk tank, a fun and exciting name could be “Splash Mob” which would be a pun on the common phenomenon of a “Flash Mob.” Attendees will be sure to remember this name and the fun activities that go on during your event!

kids playing hop scotch

Boogie Wonderland

Dance-A-Thons are great ways to bring smiles to people’s faces while raising funds! Consider a name based on a famous song, “Boogie Wonderland.” Feet will be tapping, hands shaking and laughter soaring as attendees promenade on the dance floor!

man in a cowboy hat addressing the crowd

Make My 5K

While hosting a 5k, your school will benefit from a name that evokes positivity. Based on a pun from the phrase “Make My Day” you can name your event “Make My 5k!” Attendees will enjoy the short, fun phrase and will look back on the event with fondness!

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people on a walk

Too Much of a Good Sing

Karaoke nights are a great way to build community and give attendees a chance to show off! Based on the phrase “Too Much of a Good Thing,” consider naming your event “Too Much of a Good Sing.” Alternatively, you could call your event “Much Ado About A Sing.”

woman singing on stage

Tickled Think

Escape Rooms can be difficult and require extra brain power to complete. Why not name the event with that in mind? Using the phrase “Tickled Pink” which means to be very happy or amused, you could consider naming your event “Tickled Think!”

Two women laughing with each other at a desk

Boogie Lights

Another party favorite, a blacklight event will have guests enjoying themselves in a fantastical environment. Consider a pun on the movie named “Boogie Nights” and call your Blacklight Party “Boogie Lights!”

light show

Tis The Season to be Cozy

An Ugly Sweater part in the middle of winter is such a warm and bright way to spend those cold months. With a pun on the phrase “Tis The Season to be Jolly” you could name your event “Tis The Season to be Cozy.”

Two women in green sweatshirts holding sparklers

Roast ‘n Toast or Lu-Wow

If you’re hosting a luau, there are many fun names you can use in addition to all the fun activities. A title like “Roast ‘n Toast” could be great for a pig roast and alcoholic beverages. Alternatively, you could call it a “Lu-Wow!” since the event will be sure to wow your guests.

fink flamingo floatie in the pool

Bet It Be

Casino Nights are exciting ways to pass the time, allowing guests to take safe risks. A short and sweet title like “Bet it Be,” which is a pun on the phrase “Let it Be” is definitely memorable for the guests!

man folding his blackjack cards

Mysteries of the World

A Murder Mystery Dinner is another entertaining way to spend an evening! Derived from the phrase, “History of the World” you can title your event “Mysteries of the World.” The event name will definitely have the guests curious and interested!

kid making a detective pose

Race to Raise

Direct donation fundraisers are an efficient way to raise money for your school. Add a competitive element to the event by titling it “Race to Raise.” Participants will definitely enjoy getting involved in an event with some stakes!

A man holding a credit card up next to a laptop

Pearls Before Shine

Jewelry fundraisers can provide recipients with a gift that they will cherish. So why not add a thoughtful name to this event? Consider titling your event “Pearls Before Shine,” a pun on the phrase “Pearls Before Swine.” However, in this case, recipients will value their gifts!

jewelry box

A Bloom of One’s Own

If you’re hosting a Pop-Up Flower Shop, a great name could be derived from the phrase “A Room of One’s Own.” By calling the event “A Bloom of One’s Own” you’ll be encouraging the guests to purchase flowers in support of your school.

outdoor gathering

Page of Discovery

Book Sales/Swaps are another fantastic way to raise funds while building community. Take a phrase like the “Age of Discovery” to name your event “Page of Discovery.” This event name will have guests looking forward to embarking on their own adventures between pages. 

girl reading at table

The Shady Brunch

Victorian Tea Brunches are a marvelous way to spend afternoon time with friends and community members. Take a popular TV show, “The Brady Brunch” as inspiration for your event title: The Shady Brunch. A light and joyous name, guests will remember this event with glee. 

woman at wedding

The Raffle of My Eye

If you’re hosting an online or in-person auction or raffle, you could use the phrase “The Apple of My Eye” as inspiration for your event title. By calling your event “The Raffle of My Eye,” you’d be evoking a sense of curiosity in your attendees. 

Somone looking through pictures on an Ipad

Dine of the Times

For a restaurant fundraiser, an event title like “Dine of the Times” could be an apt solution, based on the phrase “Sign of the Times.” Guests will feel like they’re attending a momentous occasion and it’ll definitely be the talk for a while to come!

full chi8nese food platter

Recipe Mine

For a cookbook fundraiser, there are many titles that could be beneficial. A more unique one is “Recipe Mine” based on the movie “Enemy Mine.” Home chefs who submit their recipes will feel a sense of ownership and pride over their submission.

A person reading a cookbook

Winning Down The House

Video game competitions are exhilarating and engaging for many attendees. Why not evoke that same fervor in your event title? Going on the phrase “Bringing Down The House,” you could title your event “Winning Down The House” to inspire competitors to join your event!

Stuffed plushies of Among Us characters

Loads of Fund

If you’re doing an email campaign, a text-to-give campaign, or a peer-to-peer campaign you could use a title that makes a pun on the phrase “Loads of Fun” by calling it “Loads of Fund.” After all, it’s really fun to raise money for a cause you care about!

join us online banner on a laptop

Make it or Cake It

Bake Sales are a classic fundraising option! Why not inspire bakers to turn the heat up with a title like “Make It or Cake It” based on the phrase “Make It or Break It.” With a title like this, the fundraiser could be such a success that you break the bank!

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white cupcakes

A Vroom of One’s Own

If the fundraiser has anything to do with donating a car or supporting your schools’ automotive program, consider calling your event “A Vroom of One’s Own” based on the phrase “A Room of One’s Own.”

mechanic working

Night of the Giving Ed

Movie nights are a thrilling way to gather your community in support of education. Take a classic movie, “Night of the Living Dead” and change the name “Night of the Giving Ed.” The title will evoke nostalgia for attendees and provide a sense of giving back to their community.

empty movie theatre

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