25 Fun School Puns

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Whether it’s for a greeting card or a cheesy email icebreaker, there is no denying that puns are everyone’s favorite way to crack a joke. Sometimes called “dad jokes”, a good school-appropriate pun should be clean, free of contentious subject matter, and elicit plenty of eye rolls!

From puns about fundraising for schools to puns about getting to class on time, here are 25 fun puns we think you’re students and faculty will, ehh, “love”.

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Our Top-25 School Puns

  1. The best principals have all of their faculties intact. 
  2. English teachers are always write. 
  3. Check outside! Looks like it’s finally time for a little snow and tell. 
  4. We’re the chess club! We love to play it close to the chess. 
  5. Here in Geography, the globe means the world! 
  6. I was wondering why the dodgeball was getting bigger. Then it hit me. 
  7. I used to be in economics but then I lost interest. 
  8. Make sure to watch your fingers around these new computers. Turns out they byte.
  9. Geology rocks but Geography is where it all happens. 
  10. I asked the lunch lady if there were any vegan options. She told me no. Apparently including them would be a huge missed steak. 
  11. We could have called the Middle Ages the Dark Ages but there were too many knights. 
  12. My math teacher can talk about infinity forever. 
  13. I tried to keep the chemistry ingredients calm but I couldn’t help how the chemicals reacted to each other. 
  14. I had a cross eyed teacher one time. I guess she couldn’t control her pupils. 
  15. The power went out at school and the students couldn’t have been more de-lighted! 
  16. I got stuck reading a gravity book for my physics class. Turns out I couldn’t put it down! 
  17. My old friend from gym class still misses me. But don’t worry, her aim is starting to improve! 
  18. I tried to use a five pound bill in the vending machine at lunch but I think I broke it. I guess it couldn’t make the change. 
  19. I took a nap in my woodshop class. I need to do it more often. I slept like a log. 
  20. I offered my French teacher some breakfast but she declined. The one egg she already had was un oeuf. 
  21. The art supplies were so excited to see us once school started again. Apparently absence makes the art grow fonder. 
  22. I love my new biology teacher. He’s such a fungi. 
  23. What do I think of renewable energy? Oh, I’m a huge fan! 
  24. Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9! 
  25. These school computers are so slow they’re running in the 90s!
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