FutureFund Updated: Improved Reporting Functionality + Quality of Life Features

by | Dec 8, 2022 | FutureFund News & Updates | 0 comments

We have released a new update for FutureFund that improves some reporting functions, enhances membership functionality, and makes managing information in FutureFund even easier!

Quality of Life Updates

When inventory tracking is enabled and the inventory is less than or equal to 20, the “only x items left” text is displayed.

Only x Items Left

Customizing Emails with Sender Profiles

Sender Profiles allow customization of reply-to addresses and branding in emails.

Example Branding

See: https://support.futurefund.com/messagins/setup

Import Parents to Contacts

Parents can download contact information from the directory to their preferred contact application.

Download Contact

The imported contact includes parent information according to their sharing settings, the name of the school, and the parent’s students with their respective grade and teacher.


Import Teachers

Teachers along with grade assignments can be imported into a school session.

Import Teachers

See: https://support.futurefund.com/directory/setup/#importing-teachers

Membership Cards

FutureFund will create and distribute membership cards for use in common wallet apps pn phones (e.g., Apple Wallet) to members when memberships are sold.

Membership Scene

See: https://support.futurefund.com/membership/membership-cards/