FutureFund Updated to Make Reporting & Communication Even Easier

by | Oct 24, 2022 | FutureFund News & Updates | 0 comments

We’re excited to let you know that we have updated FutureFund with some requested quality-of-life features and minor bug fixes.

Recent Quality of Life Enhancements

Category Sales Report

The category sales report shows the gross sales by store category.

Category Sales Report

See: https://support.futurefund.com/store/reports/category-sales/

Email Attachments

FutureFund messaging supports email attachments. Admins can attach multiple files when composing a message.

Email Attachments

Payout Bulk Export Tool

When reconciling many payouts, it is helpful to export a single file with the payout information aggregate vs. individual files for each payout. To support this, FutureFund provides a bulk export tool for the payout summary information.

Payout Bulk Export

See: https://support.futurefund.com/store/payouts/#bulk-export

Donor Wall Toggle

The donor wall is a great way to recognize parent’s donations when using fundraiser campaigns. We believe this is a great way to promote a positive fundraising culture while still respecting donor privacy. However, we also understand that some schools are not comfortable with this feature. In response to this concern, we’ve added a toggle in the Admin to control the donor wall visibility.

Payout Support for Refunded Fees

FutureFund payout reports provide an easy way to identify program funding from a single deposit. Activity that cannot be linked to a transaction is classified as an Adjustment. Historically, refunded fees were classified as an Adjustment requiring our support team to locate and identify the transaction. This behavior has changed and refunded fees will be properly identified in the payout summary reports.

Active Volunteer Positions

FutureFund provides a great way to collect volunteer interests from parents during registration and beyond. We’ve added the ability to toggle the volunteer position from being displayed during registration. Before this, the only way to prevent a volunteer position from being displayed was to delete it which would result in losing the volunteers.