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Anatomy of a Successful School Fundraiser

Anatomy of a Successful School Fundraiser

What do successful fundraisers have in common? Find out here as FutureFund breaks down the anatomy of a fundraising campaign that works. Learn what elements to include in your campaign so that you can meet your school group’s goals.

How to Re-Engage Legacy Donors For Your PTA

How to Re-Engage Legacy Donors For Your PTA

Re-establish connection, maintain engagement, and more with this practical guide for re-engaging legacy donors for your PTa. Our team at FutureFund is here to help you understand the value of connecting with past donors and continuing those relationships.

Published on May 7, 2024

Thank You Letter Template for Business Donors

Create genuine and effective thank-you letters for business donors to your school fundraisers. Use this template from FutureFund to get started, then send it out using our platform’s built-in messaging system.
White envelope with Thank You written on it

Thanking your business donors after a school fundraiser is a vital part of preserving these important relationships. This can make it easier to seek repeat donations in the future and build goodwill in the community. But writing thank-you letters to every organization that sponsors your school or donates to your campaign can be time-consuming for your volunteers—so how can you make the process easier?

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We’re here to help. Below, you’ll find a downloadable template created to help you write impactful thank-you letters to your school group’s business donors in less time. We’ve also provided step-by-step instructions for sending these letters using our free fundraising platform for schools and its built-in messaging tools. Let’s get started!

Teacher holding sheet of paper in front of laptop to symbolize preparing letter to send to donors

Download the Template

To get our thank-you letter template, just click below:

Get the Template

Start Your Fundraiser With FutureFund

FutureFund is FREE for schools, PTAs, and school groups. Start your fundraiser today!

Get Started

How to Use this Template

Once you’ve clicked the link above, follow these steps to create your own editable version, change the details, and download it:

  • Click File
  • Click Make a copy (our template is view-only)
  • Rename the copy (i.e., Spruce Elementary 2024 Business Donor Thank-You Letter)
  • Fill in the blanks of your new copy, like [School Name], with your own details
  • When you’ve finished, click File > Download and choose your preferred format

Now you’ll be able to attach your thank-you letter to the emails you send—or copy and paste the text directly into your messages.

Thank-you sticky note on top of laptop to represent sending thank-you email via FutureFund's messaging system

Sending Your Thank-You Letters with FutureFund’s Messaging System

The easiest way to distribute your thank-you letters is with our free-to-use platform’s built-in messaging system. Here’s a quick list of steps on how to do it:

Step 1: Customize Your Sender Profile

In the Admin, navigate to Messaging and click the Setup tab at the top of the screen. From here, you can add a sender profile to your account to make sure your business sponsors receive the thank-you message from a name they’ll recognize.

  • Click the Add Sender button to create a new sender profile.
  • Name your profile—this is the name that the recipient will see next to the subject line.
  • Specify a reply-to address. This is where the recipient’s response will be delivered if they reply to your thank-you letter.

Start Your Fundraiser With FutureFund

FutureFund is FREE for schools, PTAs, and school groups. Start your fundraiser today!

Get Started

Step 2: Create Your Message

Navigate to the Messages tab and create a new message. On the screen that appears:

  • Choose your recipients. This could be all purchasers of a campaign if that campaign was specifically aimed at businesses, parents in the corporate matching program, or another custom group.
  • Select the campaign associated with the message (this will be the name of the fundraiser you’re sending your thank-you letter for).
  • Click the Sender Profile drop-down menu to find and select the profile you want to use.
  • Give your message a subject line—”Thank You For Your Generous Donation” or something similar.

Step 3: Attach or Paste Your Letter

Insert the thank-you letter you created using the template at the top of this post. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Copy and paste the text and formatting of your letter into the body of the message itself.
  2. Under Attachments, choose the file you’ve downloaded and upload it to the message.

Then send your message—it’s that easy!

Smiling teacher with laptop in classroom

Reach Your Donors More Effectively with FutureFund’s Help

The template at the top of this message makes it easy to create an effective thank-you letter for business donors who contribute to your fundraisers—and FutureFund’s platform makes it easier to send those letters out so that you can maintain strong relationships with the organizations that support your school community.

If you’re not a FutureFund user yet, get started here with a quick discovery call and try our platform for your school group. You can also find answers to key questions about our messaging system and how to use it below.

Frequently Asked Questions about FutureFund’s Messaging System

Is there a default address to collect email replies?

No—by default, messages sent with FutureFund come from an unmonitored email list. If you want to receive replies, you’ll need to specify a reply-to account for the sender profile you use.

Can I see who has opened emails sent with FutureFund?

Yes! Your Messaging dashboard provides insights like:

  • Number of sent messages
  • Number of recipients
  • Date of last message sent

Can people opt out or unsubscribe from my FutureFund emails?

Yes—recipients who no longer wish to receive messages through FutureFund can unsubscribe via a link in each email message. We maintain a global email list, so there is no need for recipients to unsubscribe from each specific school. Learn more on the support page for our messaging system.

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