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Top Fundraising Tools for Schools

Top Fundraising Tools for Schools

Using the right tools to run your fundraisers is vital for their success. Here’s a list of the best fundraising tools for schools and PTAs, including FutureFund and several others that we consider valuable.

Do More For Your School Group

From fundraising and selling to growing and organizing your membership, FutureFund simplifies your school group’s most complex and vital tasks.

A Digital HQ For Your School Group

FutureFund includes powerful tools for fundraising, growing membership, financial reporting, and communicating with volunteers—all in one clean, user-friendly interface.

Save time on your school group’s key duties and give more time back to parents for meaningful activities and time with their families. It’s never been easier to meet your goals.

Instant Registration

A secure online portal makes it easy for parents to register their children in seconds.

Selling & Fundraising

Create a custom online store to collect donations, sell merch and spirit wear, and more.

Payment Processing

Accept different payment methods, automatically track revenue, and generate accurate financial reports.

Trusted By Schools Everywhere

FutureFund is used by over 1,000+ organizations, including:


Raised For Our Schools Since 2014

S. Bucceri

Board Clerk for Salisbury Central School

"FutureFund has been a game changer for our school. We love it because it keeps track of all the purchases for fundraisers and field trips and eliminates the need to handle cash and checks."

Made by PTA volunteers and former school faculty

Heather Wright

PTA Member

"The biggest thing we love about FutureFund is how easy it is to keep our group organized! I love the parents directory and volunteer tools because its so easy to get everyone organized and informed!"

Ready-Made Campaigns & Easy Online Payments

FutureFund is the digital headquarters for your school group. Save time and effort by using our convenient, user friendly platform to manage memberships, keep financial records, track fundraising, and message users.

Build an online store with powerful eCommerce tools

Run donation campaigns, sell merchandise, hold membership drives, and more

Automatically accept payments online


Make joining your school group even easier with seamless online sign-up forms.

FutureFund’s messaging system, sign-up forms, and member management tools let you build up your ranks and organize them effectively—so you always have the people power you need.

FutureFund is FREE for Schools

Schools that sign up get full access to all of FutureFund’s features—it’s always free and it always will be.

Get started with FutureFund

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