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Thank You Letter Template for Business Donors

Thank You Letter Template for Business Donors

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How to Re-Engage Legacy Donors For Your PTA

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Published on March 28, 2024

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Staff

Host luncheons, create recognition boards, and more with this list of staff appreciation ideas from the FutureFund team. We’ll give you plenty of ideas for events and campaigns you can run—plus tips on how to fund it all!
Students and staff eating at a buffet

Behind every successful school stands a dedicated team of staff outside of the educators themselves. This includes members such as cafeteria workers, janitors, resource assistants, administrative assignments, attendance clerks, and more.

Here are some ways that teachers can show appreciation to those staff that stand beside them throughout their days and how FutureFund can help gather the funds required to make it all happen!

Get the Word Out About Teacher Appreciation Week for School Staff Members with FutureFund

Our platform comes with powerful tools that can help you communicate with volunteers and parents as well as fundraise when needed. These include:

  • Ready-to-go campaign templates so you can sell tickets or items for different events, such as for staff appreciation.
  • A built-in messaging system you can use to announce your events, fundraisers, and provide details.
  • Powerful financial reporting tools to help you track your earnings, stay compliant, and plan future fundraisers more effectively.

Get started with FutureFund today!

Idea 1: Staff Appreciation Breakfast or Luncheon

Have breakfast or lunch from a popular local spot catered for the staff! Use FutureFund to easily create a donation campaign and ask community members to donate to celebrate and show appreciation to all those who help the school run smoothly.

See also:

Take it up a notch and create a themed event. Everything from a Hawaiian Luau to a summertime picnic can help focus the meal, create a fun environment, and generate great memories for the culture of the school.

You may even want to create an online sign-up list asking for volunteers to help serve the staff.

Idea 2: “Staff Member of the Month” Program

Teachers can engage in creative fundraising initiatives to create a “Staff Member of the Month” program. From hosting bake sales and organizing donation-oriented events to reaching out to local businesses for sponsorships, there are numerous ways to generate funds. Use your school’s FutureFund page as the home base for selling tickets to events or selling merch to pay for the awards and gifts for your celebrated members.

Create a schedule for peers to nominate members and have a plan in place to announce the “Staff Member of the Month” on social media and during the school announcements.

Idea 3: Relaxation & Wellness Activities

women performing yoga in the park

Teachers can also initiate fundraising efforts to support wellness activities for school staff, promoting self-care on a daily basis. Through seeking donations from community members through the school’s FutureFund page, funds can be raised to provide rejuvenating activities such as yoga classes, access to massage chairs, or workshops focused on stress management and mental health awareness.

Idea 4: Personalized Recognition Boards

To celebrate the accomplishments of school staff and foster a culture of appreciation, teachers can spearhead the creation of personalized recognition boards showcasing staff achievements and heartfelt messages from students.

By organizing events like car washes, raffles, or sharing QR codes for your FutureFund donation page, teachers can collect funds to purchase materials for eye-catching bulletin board displays. Incorporating photographs, accolades, and personalized notes from students, these boards serve as visual reminders of the positive impact staff members have on the school community.

Idea 5: School-Wide Staff Talent Show

people in a theatre waiting for the red curtain to open

To celebrate the diverse talents of school staff and raise funds for meaningful gestures of appreciation, teachers can organize a school-wide staff talent show. By inviting staff members to showcase their unique skills, from singing and dancing to comedy sketches and instrumental performances, the event not only entertains but also strengthens bonds within the school community.

Teachers can pre-sell tickets through a purchasing campaign to students, parents, and community members, with proceeds earmarked for purchasing gifts to honor staff members. Whether it’s personalized tokens of appreciation, gift cards, or wellness packages, these gifts serve as tangible expressions of gratitude for the dedication and hard work of school staff. And, have student volunteers help to run the event, serve as Master of Ceremonies, and usher in the crowd.

Idea 6: Special Staff Retreats or Outings

Teachers can also organize special retreats or outings aimed at fostering team building, relaxation, and camaraderie. Fundraising efforts can help teachers plan memorable experiences such as day trips, team-building activities like ESCAPE room visits, or relaxation opportunities like spa days or outdoor excursions.

These outings provide a well-deserved break for staff members while strengthening bonds and rejuvenating spirits.

Spread Your Appreciation 

People standing together smiling

In fostering a culture of appreciation, teachers not only uplift their colleagues but also cultivate a supportive school environment where every member feels valued. Through simple gestures of gratitude, we pave the way for a community where collaboration thrives and everyone’s contributions are acknowledged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use FutureFund’s messaging system to promote Teacher Appreciation Week for School Staff?

FutureFund’s messaging system lets you:

  • Create unique sender profiles to make sure the message is always coming from the appropriate party.
  • Send messages to every parent in your school community or filter your audience to reach specific groups who would be interested in supporting the cause.
  • Use customizable message templates to save time when broadcasting updates or announcements about the staff appreciation initiatives you have planned.

Should Teacher Appreciation Week for School Staff utilize a Purchase or a Donation campaign?

Use Donation campaigns to collect money from community members in support of a specific goal or cause (like hosting the staff appreciation breakfast or luncheon).

Use Purchase campaigns to sell physical items or event tickets (like the Staff Talent Show).

How can I use FutureFund to track my fundraiser’s success?

FutureFund gives you the ability to generate financial reports for your fundraising campaigns in just a few clicks. To do this, navigate to Store and click the Reports tab near the top of your screen. Then choose Campaign Summary from the drop-down menu and click Generate Report.

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