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Our Free School Fundraiser Participation Waiver Form Template

Our Free School Fundraiser Participation Waiver Form Template

It’s easier than ever for students to sign up for your school fundraiser activities, thanks to this participation waiver form template for schools and PTAs! Download it here, then use the instructions provided to upload it to your FutureFund campaigns.

Using FutureFund for Ticketing

Using FutureFund for Ticketing

Use FutureFund to streamline ticketing for sporting events, performing arts, school dances, and more with this guide from our team that includes steps and best practices.

Published on March 26, 2024

Using Apple Pay & Google Pay to Streamline Donations with FutureFund

You can now use FutureFund to accept donations to your school fundraisers made with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Find out how this improves convenience and accessibility for donors while continuing to make life easier for PTA treasurers.
Person paying at cashier using Apple pay on smart phone


  • FutureFund has integrated Apple Pay and Google Pay to streamline donations, making payment processes seamless and straightforward for both donors and school groups.
  • Benefits include more flexibility for donors, fewer obstacles in the donation process, and more donor trust due to the widely recognized security of these platforms.
  • The update also includes a new payment widget allowing donors to choose their preferred payment method easily, plus accessibility upgrades to support tools like screen readers.
  • FutureFund automatically tracks and records all payments made through Apple Pay or Google Pay, simplifying budget reconciliation for school groups and ensuring compliance.
  • Including these payment methods in FutureFund helps your school group attract new donors, reduce the likelihood of abandoned donations, and ultimately increase the amount of money you raise.

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FutureFund is FREE for schools, PTAs, and school groups. Start your fundraiser today!

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The easier you make it for people to donate to your fundraisers, the more money you’ll raise. Providing more ways to pay encourages potential donors to follow through by letting them use their preferred method and making the process as frictionless as possible.

At FutureFund, we’ve integrated Apple Pay and Google Pay to make payments through our platform seamless and straightforward. Keep reading to find out why this benefits your donors and your school group when running online fundraising campaigns.

Why More Payment Options Matter

Allowing additional payment methods has been one of the updates most frequently requested by our users. Here’s how adding Apple Pay and Google Pay helps:

Donors making easy online payment via FutureFund

Benefits for Donors

  • More flexibility: When donors have the freedom to choose their payment method, it makes the donation process smoother and faster.
  • Fewer obstacles: Removing friction from the donation process reduces donor reluctance, leading to more completed transactions and a lower likelihood of disputes.
Teacher and high school students seeing results of successful campaign run with FutureFund

Benefits for School Groups

  • More donor trust: Apple Pay and Google Pay are widely trusted platforms. Most donors will associate these names with data security and be less likely to worry about their personal information when making payments.
  • Easier to acquire new donors: Adding these payment methods allows your school group to reach people who have never donated before because their preferred method wasn’t previously available.

Start Your Fundraiser With FutureFund

FutureFund is FREE for schools, PTAs, and school groups. Start your fundraiser today!

Get Started

Key Features

Here’s what we updated in FutureFund to support these new integrations:

Pay online credit card prompt prior to payment

New Payment Widget

Now, whenever potential donors decide to make payments, they’ll see a new widget appear with the options for both Apple Pay and Google Pay. All they need to do is select their preferred method and complete the payment sheet that appears—the same way they would when using either method on any other app or website.

Accessibility Updates

Users now see an updated form when they make donations. This form has been redesigned to enhance accessibility, especially for readers who commonly use UI assist tools like:

  • Screen readers
  • TTS software
  • Screen magnification
  • High-contrast display modes

Budget Reconciliation

Best of all, your school group doesn’t have to worry that accepting additional payment methods will create confusion on the back end. FutureFund has always saved time for PTA treasurers by automatically tracking every donation made through the platform, and we still do.

All payments made with Apple Pay or Google Pay are automatically tracked and recorded in the admin. This makes the reconciliation process just as easy as it’s always been, while providing the benefits that come with giving donors more ways to pay.

Set Up Your Next Campaign with FutureFund

When you improve the donor experience, you improve your fundraising outcomes—and supporting extra payment methods is an easy way to do it. It’s just one more example of how using the right fundraising tools helps school groups reach their goals and create better opportunities for students.

Set up your next campaign with FutureFund for seamless payment processing, plus ready-to-go fundraising campaign templates, built-in messaging features, easy financial reporting, and more. With our help, your fundraisers will become more efficient and the whole school community will benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders screen in FutureFund admin

Does FutureFund automatically track and record payments made with Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Yes! Whenever a payment is made through FutureFund, the record is automatically entered in the admin. This makes reporting and budget reconciliation easier for treasurers and helps your school group stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

How can I see what method donors are using to pay in the admin?

All payments recorded in FutureFund are automatically categorized by payment method. Navigate to Store > Orders in the admin and click View on any payment to see the details, including Payment Method.

Can donors use Paypal or Venmo for FutureFund campaigns?

We don’t currently accept payment through Paypal or Venmo, because apps like these can create a risk of compliance issues and challenges with accurate revenue tracking. Read more here: The Risks of Accepting Payments via Venmo (& Similar Apps).

How will letting people donate via Apple Pay and Google Pay help my school group raise more money?

Apple Pay and Google Pay are secure payment methods that offer a simple and intuitive user experience. This makes them the preferred payment methods for many people across the United States.

When you let people pay in the way that’s easiest for them, you create positive associations with your school group and reduce the risk of abandoned donations. This leads to more completed transactions and improved donor satisfaction, which directly improve the amount of money your school group raises—now and in the future.

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