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Identifying the Risks

School districts often face significant challenges when managing and monitoring funds raised by independent organizations such as PTAs, booster clubs, ASB funds, and education funds. Although these organizations are separate from the schools, they are bound to use the funds solely for school purposes.

However, the lack of visibility and control over these funds can lead to:

Financial Mismanagement

Without proper oversight, funds may be misallocated or misused.

Fraud and Embezzlement

Limited transparency increases the risk of fraudulent activities.

Compliance Issues

Inaccurate tracking and reporting can result in compliance violations and legal ramifications.

Resource Allocation Problems

Schools may struggle to ensure that funds are used where they are most needed.

Our Solution

FutureFund is a comprehensive SaaS platform designed to streamline and secure the fundraising process for schools.

Here’s how we help combat these issues:

Full Transparency and Visibility

Our platform provides superintendents, principals, and school districts with complete insight into all fundraising activities across multiple organizations, from the amount raised to how funds are allocated and spent.

Accurate Tracking and Reporting

Real-time tracking and detailed reports ensure that every dollar is accounted for, reducing the risk of financial mismanagement.

Fraud Prevention

By centralizing and digitizing the fundraising process, FutureFund minimizes the potential for fraud and ensures funds are used appropriately.

Compliance Assurance

Our platform helps schools adhere to financial regulations and reporting requirements, safeguarding against compliance issues.

Why Choose FutureFund?

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with ease of use in mind, our platform simplifies the fundraising process for everyone involved.

Cost-Free for Schools

Schools can use FutureFund without any fees, as transaction costs are covered by end users.

Secure Transactions

We prioritize security, ensuring that all transactions are safe and reliable.

Centralized Management

Schools can manage all fundraising activities in one place, making it easier to allocate resources and track progress.


Enhanced Financial Oversight

Gain control over your school’s fundraising activities with comprehensive visibility and reporting tools.

Increased Trust

Build trust with parents and the community by demonstrating transparency and accountability in financial matters.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Ensure that funds are directed to where they are most needed, supporting student activities effectively.

Peace of Mind

Reduce the administrative burden and potential risks associated with independent fundraising organizations.

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J, Morgenthaler

Tassajara Elementary

“FutureFund has been an invaluable tool for our school groups because it streamlines everything perfectly to be able to have one place for parents/caregivers to purchase and/or make donations. I recommend that all schools and their districts use FutureFund.”

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S, Kasad

Bollinger Elementary & Iron Horse Middle School

“With FutureFund’s corporate matching functionality, it is much simpler and easier to solicit and receive corporate donations and fundraiser contributions. I encourage all school groups to take advantage of this powerful functionality.”