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Guide: How to Raise Funds for Field Trips Using FutureFund

Guide: How to Raise Funds for Field Trips Using FutureFund

Fundraising for your upcoming class field trip doesn’t have to be hard. Use FutureFund’s ready-made campaigns, built-in payment processing, ecommerce features, and more to raise the money you’ll need to give your students an off-campus experience they’ll never forget.

10 Creative And Low Cost Fundraisers For Teachers

10 Creative And Low Cost Fundraisers For Teachers

These fundraising ideas are off the beaten path, but they’re guaranteed to interest your students and their families—and they don’t cost much to organize, either! Learn how to host a battle of the bands, a balloon raffle, and more from the Future Fund team.

How to Run a Pledge Campaign

How to Run a Pledge Campaign

What should you do to make your PTA or PTO’s next pledge campaign succeed? Learn all about setting up and running a pledge campaign here, with help from the Future Fund team.

10 Fundraisers You Can Run Without Volunteers

10 Fundraisers You Can Run Without Volunteers

Fundraising activities that don’t need too many volunteers are easier to organize and run. Check out this list of ideas from the Future Fund team, including online options like pet photo contests and in-person events like restaurant fundraisers!

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