New Feature: Waivers & Permission Slips!

by | Dec 30, 2022 | FutureFund News & Updates | 0 comments

We have added the ability for you to add waivers or permission slips to individual campaigns. These permission slips are customizable to suit your need:

  • Platform administrators can easily create a form to meet specific requirements of the trip/activity (short text/long text and check box fields)
  • Indicate what fields are required from parent/guardian
  • Easily export information captured on forms

You can use this feature for any trip or campaign you are planning. For example:

  • Field Trip: 4th grade is going to the zoo and the school needs to collect $5 per child but also have parents sign a permission slip and include emergency contact info. Collect payment, have parents/guardian sign the permission slip  and provide emergency contact information in one simple step. By clicking on the required box next to specific elements you ensure that parents can not submit the form without completing the necessary fields.
  • School Ski trip:  Collect payment, sign the liability waiver form and collect info on skier level in order to assign students to groups by level prior to arriving at the mountain. The school running this campaign is currently also collecting details to provide to the mountain for rental equipment for each student who will need rentals. They are requesting weight, height, shoe size so that they can send that info to the ski mountain and they will have equipment pulled when the bus arrives.  
  • Middle School dance: collect payment, sign permission slip, and indicate food allergies