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How to Attract New PTA Volunteers This Year

How to Attract New PTA Volunteers This Year

Year-long recruiting, digital databases, virtual sign-up lists, and online payment processing are just some of the tools you can use to attract new PTA volunteers this year. Let FutureFund show you how to manage and enhance your PTA’s volunteer pool to fundraise efficiently.

Guide: How to Fundraise for a School Trip

Guide: How to Fundraise for a School Trip

Complete community chores, hold a “Tag the Bag’ event, plan a bake sale, and get the students involved in all aspects of raising money for a school trip. There are a lot of ways to make sure students’ experiences are funded through purchase campaigns, donation campaigns, and A-thons run through FutureFund.

15 Elementary School Bake Sale Ideas

15 Elementary School Bake Sale Ideas

Get the kids involved, hold unique baking competitions, and even grab inspiration from Grandma’s recipe book to create the best bake sale possible. These effective tips and ideas will help you find unique ways to make sales and reach your fundraising goals.

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How to Tell If Your Students Are Using ChatGPT

How to Tell If Your Students Are Using ChatGPT

How can you tell whether your student is using ChatGPT or a similar AI to write their assignments for them? Use this handy guide from the team at Future Fund to recognize the signs so that you can preserve your classroom’s integrity and ensure the right learning experience for your students.

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20 Fun Field Trip Ideas

20 Fun Field Trip Ideas

Where can you take your students on a field trip to make sure they’ll have fun and learn something? This list from the Future Fund team is full of budget-friendly ideas for field trips your students will love, including everything from geocaching to fish hatcheries!

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